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Internal Employees That Know a Better Way to Do Something

| woensdag, mei 18, 2005
Komt dit bekend voor?
In relatie tot de stelling dat het meerendeel van hack aanvallen van medewerkers te verwachten is...

"Ah yes, the employee who knows a better way. We all know them, and some of us have been that employee at one time or another in our lives. (Yes, I unfortunately include myself in this category.) These individuals are generally very knowledgeable and love to try new things, such as the latest wireless networking hardware or VPN technology - nothing wrong with this so far. The slogan of these employees, "It is better to ask forgiveness than permission," is similar to that of most teenagers througout the world.
Undaunted, they can add wireless data equipment and VPNs to the corporate network, attempting to increase functionality. Generally speaking, they don't spend extra time required to implement the system securely and almost never inform those responsible for the system. These little features end up becoming security concerns that can possibly compromise the corporate network."

Uit: High- Tech Crimes Revealed, Steven Branigan

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